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MURANO RED is our most daring BUNNY, made of top quality synthetic leather, with an open and very elegant design, ideal for a very special night or day. The fiery red design will go perfectly with your lipstick, gloves and shoes. It has an opening to be able to cross it and stay close to the neck for those moments of so much cold.

Its hair is very soft and pleasant to the neck, and its novel and exclusive design makes it a unique accessory and a true treasure.

When temperatures drop, turn them up with a good MURANO RED. One of our warmest BUNNYS. Will not disappoint you!

We make our BUNNYS by hand in Barcelona, one by one, by hand.

45 in stock

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MURANO RED es nuestro BUNNY más atrevido, de piel sintética de primera calidad, de diseño abierto y muy elegante, ideal para una noche o un día muy especial. El diseño rojo ardiente combinará a la perfección con tu carmín, guantes y zapatos. Tiene una obertura para podértelo cruzar y quedar pegado al cuello para aquellos momentos de tanto frío.

Su pelo es muy suave y agradable al cuello, y su novedoso y exclusivo diseño lo convierte en un complemento único y un verdadero tesoro.

Cuando las temperaturas bajan, subelas con un buen MURANO RED. Uno de nuestros BUNNYS más calentitos. NO te defraudará!

Hacemos nuestros BUNNYS a mano en Barcelona, uno a uno, artesanalmente.

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Additional information


One Size


95 cm x 15 cm


Dry clean, avoid aggressive odors, fold vertically, do not crease.
Product made of top quality synthetic hair which needs care.
Combing instead of ironing.


100 % Poliester


Handmade in Barcelona with a lot of Love


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