They are multiple materials that are being used in the textile industry to give way to sustainable fashion, and coffee is one of them.

Everything is going at a frenetic pace and so is fashion.

In recent years, a lot of clothes have been produced … And what about those clothes? Where do so many clothes end up?

At this rate the planet cannot continue, it does not have enough natural resources, so we must make a change.

The textile industry is the second most polluting in the world, after oil, and represents a huge expenditure of the planet’s natural resources. The example is always given of how many liters of water is consumed to make jeans. Do you know? Between 2,130 and 3,078 liters, just a few jeans.

For this reason, innovative and sustainable fibers such as coffee fibers are being created through technology.

A pioneering company in Taiwan has succeeded in creating a fiber from coffee grounds that has exceptional and unique natural characteristics of anti-odor, UV protection and quick drying. It offers 200% faster drying capacity compared to cotton.

With so many coffee growers there will never be a shortage of grounds ready to be collected and recycled. They are picked up from coffee shop chains like Starbucks. So it is characterized by a circular production and high energy savings.

Three cups of ground coffee and five recycled plastic bottles have the capacity to produce a coffee fiber t-shirt!

Underwear, sheets and even shoes have been made for big brands.

Can you wear clothes made from coffee grounds?

In the next NEW on “Sustainable Fabrics” we will discover another textile fiber made from sustainable wool and the different types of wool …